Immediate Management of Anaphylaxis 1 Day Course

Duration: 1 Day Course

Qualification: Regulated FAA Level 3 (Level 6 in Scotland) Award in the Immediate Management of Anaphylaxis

Locations Available: Nationwide

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Course Overview

The ability of employees to facilitate the Immediate Management of Anaphylaxis is the first crucial step in ensuring an individual undergoing and allergic reaction get fast and prompt life saving treatment.

This Immediate Management of Anaphylaxis training course is designed for qualified first aiders, emergency first aiders and all healthcare professionals along with those in high-risk environments where medications are available/in-situ. This course teaches delegates to recognise and treat anaphylaxis promptly, safely, and effectively. It is particularly useful in many work and school environments as the rate of anaphylaxis is dramatically on the increase, and many will have staff members or students whom are at risk.

This is a specific first aid training course, allowing the administration of medication. Delegates by the end of the course will be able to immediately recognise and distinguish between a normal allergic reaction and a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction. Delegates will also be instructed on ascertaining whether the individual has had an anaphylactic response or allergic reaction to the medication in the past or prior to any administration.

Individuals will receive a level 3 (level 6 in Scotland) FAA RQF/SCQF certificate which is valid for three years. This course includes theory and practical training in safe, effective and immediate management of anaphylaxis; providing learners with the skills they require to provide prompt, safe and effective care for a casualty.

HSE highly recommends that any first aid trained person in any field requires annual refresher courses to maintain their competency. This cannot be understated for Anaphylaxis First Aid or Immediate Management of Oxygen Therapy.



  • Describe anaphylaxis and identify triggers for anaphylaxis
  • Describe life threatening symptoms associated with the airway, breathing, circulation, disability such as neurological status and exposure including skin and mucosal changes.
  • Explain the need for an immediate call for help
  • Explain and be able to treat anaphylaxis including using a non re-breather mask, removal of the initial trigger, identify features of an adrenaline-auto injectors, conduct initial assessments (ABCDE), demonstrate the resuscitation and the recovery position.
  • Recognise when an auto-injector needs to be used and how to prepare the medication for administration.
  • Demonstrate the safe use of an adrenaline auto-injector using training device.
  • Be aware of how to safely dispose of sharps in accordance with local policies.
  • Record or take mental notes of a casualty’s symptoms, timing of drug administration etc and be able to formally handover to a medical professional.



Regulated 3 Year FAA Level 3 (level 6 in Scotland) Award in Oxygen Therapy Administration (RQF/SCQF)

Course Duration:

1 day


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Learner numbers:

A maximum of 12 learners per course (set out by Awarding Body limits)

Learner Age:

16 years +

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