Our Promise

Advanced Safety Group are committed to ensuring our services are delivered in such a way that minimises our environmental impact, promotes business integrity and most importantly helps to create a sustainable future for us all. 

As a family-owned business, we want to make sure we do our part to ensure wherever possible we lower our business’s carbon footprint, help make our surroundings even greener and support local independent businesses.

As such, Company Owners Steven Mclean and Charlotte Knight in partnership with The National Trust are planting 500 square meters of woodland in the UK to help offset our carbon footprint and also to help ensure UK woodlands keep on flourishing. Our aim is to double this each subsequent year and who knows eventually we may well have just planted a forest (stay tuned)!

Further to this, to be more sustainable and socially responsible, our company promise to wherever possible use local independent businesses for our business supplies, travel and accommodation.  We recognise as a family-run business, that now more than ever in these uncertain economic times that independent small businesses need our (and others’) support and it is up to us all to help in this. As a national company, our instructors travel large distances and as such our company has a policy of staying locally rather than travelling back and forth up the motorways to minimise our fuel consumption and carbon footprint. We use small independent companies for our accommodation wherever possible, such as independent hotels and B&Bs in the location of our work and use local amenities.

In addition to this, we are going as paperless as humanely possible, invoices/remittances are no longer printed but entirely emailed and some of our exam papers are now totally digital. This is something we continue to improve. Our staff even take notes on iPads when meeting with clients rather than notebooks and pens.

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Expert Advice & Training

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