Blended Learning Courses

Blended Learning

We offer flexible, blended learning for a wide range of first aid courses.

Some of our regulated courses can be done via blended learning (see list below). This entails delegates learning via webinars with an instructor along with self-guided learning and is then followed by a face-to-face teaching session. These courses allow learners to achieve nationally recognised qualifications without being in a classroom for the whole duration of the course.

This is particularly useful when both theory and practical need to be taught, for example in a number of first aid courses.

If this option sounds appealing to your business, please contact us and we can arrange this for you, in many cases this can mean reducing the overall cost of the course.

  • Learners will study via distance learning and face-to-face instruction
  • Includes a combination of self-study and instructor guided webinars along with practical demonstration with an instructor
  • Students are able to learn and discuss theory remotely in a group and by watching webinars/videos and then put into practice what they have learnt in a classroom environment…such as performing CPR or using an AED.
  • The qualified instructor/assessor is available throughout the duration of the course for any assistance a learner may require.
  • Learning materials and resources are provided prior to the course start date.
  • Students are assessed at the point of formal face-to-face teaching via observation and written questions.
  • Upon successful completion students are awarded fully regulated qualifications from Ofqual or SQA

Courses available for blended learning:

First Aid at Work – FAA Level 3 (Level 6 in Scotland) Award – 2 days distance learning + 1 day classroom based

Emergency First Aid at Work – FAA Level 3 (Level 6 in Scotland) Award – 2 hours distance learning + 4 hours classroom based

First Aid at Work Requalification – FAA Level 3 (Level 6 in Scotland) Award – 5.5 hours distance learning + 6.5 hours classroom based.

Paediatric First Aid – FAA Level 3 (Level 6 in Scotland) Award – 1 day distance learning + 1 day classroom based.

Activity First Aid – FAA Level 3 (Level 6 in Scotland) Award – 5 hours webinar + 1 day classroom based

Contact our office for further information.

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