Qualitative Face Fit Training (Hood/Taste Method)

Duration: 1 Day Course

Locations Available: Nationwide

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Course Overview

Employers by law are required to fit test every employee who is required to wear a tight-fitting respirator no matter how long they are required to wear one or the frequency. This testing is required every two years and if you would like to do your testing in-house using the Hood/Taste method then this is the course for you.

This in-depth 1 day course enables the attendees present to fully understand the requirement for respiratory protective equipment in the workplace, associated legislation, correct donning and doffing procedures along with practical demonstrations and use of the testing equipment including capture hood, nebulisers and solutions.

In addition, troubleshooting regarding the equipment and test fails is covered in detail along with best practice record keeping of test results.

This ‘Train the Tester’ course is available for a maximum of 6 attendees in a single session to ensure each attendee has time to practically demonstrate the use of the equipment and perform tests.

To complete the course delegates will undergo a multiple-choice test. Upon successful completion each delegate will be awarded with an official Advanced Safety Group Certificate to prove the individual has adequate understanding and training to test your staff in-house. This certificate is valid for a two-year period, after which staff will need to undergo another training course to ensure they remain competent. Certificates should be kept by the individual/business to comply with COSHH and HSE standards.


Requirements and pricing

If you are interested in this training course, please contact our office to discuss your individual requirements, such as location and number of staff requiring training.

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