Qualitative Face Fit Testing (Hood/Taste Method)

Duration: Dependent on numbers of staff to be tested

Locations Available: Nationwide

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Course Overview

Employers by law are required to fit test every employee who is required to wear a tight-fitting respirator no matter how long they are required to wear one or the frequency. We are Fit2Fit approved and as such you can rest assured our testing procedures are of the highest standard and will enable you to meet your legal duties.

The Qualitative Face Fit Testing method is used to conduct testing on FFP disposable respirators and re-usable cartridge half masks only.

This is a subjective method based on the test subject’s ability to detect/taste a test solution. Typically, a bitter or sweet solution, we usually advise using bitter as standard as people in general tend to taste bitter more easily than the sweet solution…we all like our fizzy drinks and sweets so our taste buds can be somewhat dulled to a sweet stimulant.

This method makes use of a test capture hood. The wearer is asked to perform seven exercises whilst regular measured doses of the test solution are sprayed into the hood.

All staff successfully fitted will be issued with an official Advanced Safety Group Fit Record detailing all the data and mask type. This can be kept by the business to prove that that individual has been tested appropriately in line with COSHH and HSE standards.

Requirements and pricing

If you are interested in this service, please contact our office to discuss your individual requirements, such as number of staff requiring testing, location etc and we can provide a price for you.

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